"Capturing Life . . .

by Holding it Still"

Holding it Still"



My very first job, for two summers, was as a photographer for guests of an amusement park and that is where I learned basic techniques. I continued  with side jobs; first communions, parties, and a few weddings for friends.

While following a career path through retail and banking, attending Hallmark Institute of Photography was always in the back of my mind, and a camera was almost always in my hands.

My path changed completely when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
After attending an open house at Hallmark Institute of Photography I just knew I had to enroll. 

 Once Breast Cancer treatments were done I started the intense 10 month program and graduated in July of 2011 .

Being an advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness I volunteer my time and talent to Rays of Hope, a Walk Towards the Cure of Breast Cancer, at their annual walk, capturing team photos. 

 I am excited to share the skills that I have perfected and I am confident that my photos will be something you cherish for years to come.






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